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  1. What remedies help with sickness during pregnancy?

    What remedies help with sickness during pregnancy?

    Nausea is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy - around two-thirds of all expectant mothers struggle with it. It’s therefore considered a normal side effect, especially in the first few months. The good news: The nausea usually disappears by the end of the third month of pregnancy. But why do many women feel morning sickness and what remedies help against them?

    morning sickness

    Reasons for morning sickness

    The reasons why morning sickness is often associated with the first three months of pregnancy are not fully understood. However, scientists suspect that a high level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the trigger. HCG is colloquially referred to as the pregnancy hormone, which is produced in the outer layer of the amniotic sac. HCG stimulates the production and release of the hormone progesterone, which a

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  2. Vitamin supply during pregnancy

    Vitamin supply during pregnancy

    In order for your baby to develop healthily, you do not necessarily have to eat for two during your pregnancy. It’s much more important that you provide your body with the most important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as their requirements increase during pregnancy. In the following blog you will find out why this is the case and which vitamins are particularly important during pregnancy.

    vitamins during pregnancy

    Here’s why you should take vitamins during your pregnancy

    Everyone should make sure they eat healthy foods rich in vitamins. A healthy lifestyle becomes particularly important during pregnancy, as you are now responsible for another small being. In order for your baby to develop healthily, it’s important to provide them with all the vitam

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