Why Slumbersac?

A great night’s sleep is essential for both parent and child. We understand that little ones can struggle at night and when they struggle to sleep, you struggle to sleep. Here at Slumbersac, we want to make a great night’s sleep a little more possible. Our high-quality and comfortable sleeping bags are perfect for keeping your little ones at a constant temperature, especially in the hot summer and cold winter. Our bags are soft against your babies’ delicate skin and, at a price you won’t find anywhere else, it’s hard to ask why not Slumbersac?

At Slumbersac, we have linked our services with the giving organisation ‘Buy1Give1’, who aim to help people in less fortunate countries. Every time you buy from us, you are making giving back a part of what you do, making a huge difference to those in need. Have a look here to see how you make a difference every time you shop with us.

What are Sleeping Bags?

A sleeping bag is essentially a blanket your child can wear, without the chance of them kicking the covers off and becoming too cold or getting tangled up in their loose bedding. With Slumbersac sleeping bags, your child has enough room to wriggle around throughout the night, whilst also maintaining a constant temperature. Simply put your baby into their soft and comfortable sleeping sack when they are ready for bed and pop them into their Moses basket or cot. As they will stay within the sleeping sack it helps to minimise disruption, especially when feeding throughout the night, whilst also keeping your child at a constant temperature. This means that your child, and you, will benefit from a much better night's sleep.

Comfort and Durability

Slumbersac only provides your child with the best quality products that stay soft for your babies delicate and sensitive skin. Made with 100% cotton and lined with 100% pure cotton, our sleeping bags are rigorously tested and can be both machine-washed and tumble dried. Our sleeping bags are filled with quick-dry, soft polyester fleece which helps to prevent allergies and stops the sack from losing its shape.

Have a look at the different fabrics we offer at Slumbersac here to find out a little bit more information.

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