1. What are your last order dates for delivery before Christmas?

    To ensure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas please order by 14.12.2017 for Standard Delivery. For more details please read our Delivery Information.

  2. Does Slumbersac offer gift cards?

    Slumbersac gift cards are available in various denominations and can be emailed directly to the recipient (please note: we dont offer physical delivery of gift cards, they are by email only).

  3. What should I do if I want to return or exchange the product? 

    If you not happy with your purchase can return it within 45 days of receipt for exchange or refund. All returned merchandise must be new (never been used) and in its original packaging with tags still attached. We will not accept dirty, washed or used products. For more information please read our Returns Policy.


Here are OUR MOST frequently asked questions:

  1. Why are baby sleep bags a better alternative to sheets and blankets?

    Sleeping bags allow babies to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night, without the risk of kicking off covers or getting tangled up in bedding, while still allowing them to move around freely during the night. They are far lower maintenance for parents than conventional bedding and can provide security and familiarity when babies are staying away from home or moving from a bassinet into a crib.

  2. What ages are Slumbersac baby sleep bags designed for?

    Our baby sleep bags come in six sizes and cater for newborn babies up to ten-year-old children, please see our size guide  for further information. 

  3. How do I choose the correct size sleep bag?

    Selecting the correct size of sleep bag is easy, simply measure the length of your baby from crown to toe.  This measurement will give you an approximate length of the sleep bag required. Please see our size guide for all of our different sizes.  

  4. How do I make sure my Slumbersac is not too big or too small?

    Our sleep bags are designed so they do not cover the baby’s head.  The correct fit is from the shoulders down to the feet. There is no need to worry if your sleep bag looks a bit big.  The bottom quarter (25%) of the bag, is free space to ensure unrestricted movement of the legs so that your baby has lots of kicking room for maximum comfort. You also want to make sure that the sleep bag isn’t too small the restriction can cause discomfort and overheating which will lead to restlessness and less sleep for both baby and parents.  But do not be tempted to select a larger size than necessary, as this will put your baby at risk of covering their face if they are able to wriggle down into the sleep bag. For more information on sizing, see our detailed size chart.

  5. Why do some bags have side zips and others centre zips?

    Some designs do have center zips on all sizes; however most of the smaller sizes have side zips which are designed to make for easy access when changing your baby during the night. As babies become bigger and stronger there is a risk they can force open the ‘snaps' at the shoulder so we use center zips without snaps on size 3. All sizes of travel bags have a two-way center zip to facilitate harness fixing. 

  6. Could my baby become too hot?

    As long as the room is a safe temperature and the right tog sleep bag is used, there is no danger of children overheating. Never use any clothing with hoods and avoid using additional sheets or blankets with sleep bags. The only additional bedding required is a crib sheet. For more safety information click here.  

  7. Do bags wash and dry easily?

    Yes, due to the quick-dry light weight polyester fleece filling they wash easy and dry quickly. All our baby sleep bags can be machine washed at 100°F and tumble-dried on a low heat. We recommend you wash our sleep bags inside out and keep zips closed for washing and drying. Remember, too, that for your convenience it is advisable to have at least two bags, particularly handy when it comes to unplanned night-time changes!

  8. Are the long sleeves on the winter sleep bags detachable?

    The long sleeves on our long sleeve sleep bags are NOT detachable. These sleep bags are suitable for wearing while in a stroller or sleeping at very cold room temperatures. 

  9. My discount code does not work. Why?

    Discount codes are only valid for NON-SALE items. If you have selected a non-Sale item and your discount code still does not work please contact us.

  10. Can I use a travelbag in the crib?

    Yes, all our Slumbersac  travel baby sleep bags can be used in a crib as well as in a stroller or car seat. The vent at the back can be closed with a velcro fastener while using the travelbag in a crib.

  11. Where are Slumbersac's products made?

    We design our Slumbersac products in the UK and then make them at various factories in India and China.  All our factories are visited on a regular basis to ensure good working conditions are maintained.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Don’t worry, please email us and we’ll be happy to help.


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