Is your baby due this Spring? Have you been thinking about a seasonal inspired name? If so, look no further! We have compiled the top ‘spring’ baby names for girls and boys!


1. Apple – Apples start blooming in the Spring so this is a very appropriate name! Gwenyth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, who was born on the 14th May 2004. So this name has movie-star written all over it!

2. April – This name isn’t commonly seen now, but we think it is very pretty, especially for a baby born in…well April of course!

3. Anemone - a gorgeous delicate little flower, which comes from the Greek word meaning “windflower.” It is thought to bring luck and protect against evil! A beautiful name for a little girl pronounced ah-NEM-oh-nee.

4. Bluebell – a gorgeous name for a little girl sometimes shortened to “Blue”. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell named her daughter Bluebell Madonna.  We think this also makes a pretty middle name!

5. Daisy – a beautiful name for a girl that takes us back to or childhood, making daisy chains in the garden!

6. Fleur – meaning “flower” in French. A beautiful, delicate name. JK Rowling obviously liked the name as she used it for one of her characters in Harry Potter - Fleur Delacour – the beautiful French wizard who married Bill Weasley.

7. Freya – the Nordic goddess of springtime so the perfect choice for a baby girl!

8. Laverna – we love this name and it simply means “born in the spring” so perfect for spring babies!

9. Poppy – A popular name for girls with red hair. the name Poppy peaked in the early 1900s but it seems to be having a revival!

10. Rose – a popular spring flower. This name was always associated with an ‘old-fashioned’ name but it seems to be getting a revival, for example Rose Leslie who stars in the hit television series Game of Thrones!


1. Attwell - an English baby name that means “lives by the spring”. An unusual but classic, unique name for a baby boy.

2. Asher - a personal favourite of ours which means “new beginning”, so the perfect name for your new arrival!

3. Bradwell – uncommonly heard Bradwell means from the “broad spring,” and can be shortened to Brad. We think it sounds cool and contemporary!

4. Denver – a seriously cool name for a baby boy! Denver means “green valley,” and in our opinion is one of the better baby ‘place’ names people usually choose such as Paris and London!

5. Heath – another spring themed name that means “the heathland dweller”. We think this is a lovely, traditional name, perfect for spring baby boys!

6. Javier – meaning “bright new day”, this is another of our personal favourites. Famous Javier’s include the Spanish actor Javier Bardem and if your little boy is anything like him he is going to be a hit with the ladies!

7. Maxwell –  A Scottish name meaning “Magnus spring” is a great option for a boy. We think it sounds powerful and strong!

8. Owen –  A traditional Celtic name meaning "young warrior", or from the Welsh word “oen”, lamb, making it the ideal choice for a spring baby boy.

9. Sunny –   Hopefully, the sun shines a lot more in Spring and we think this is a gorgeous name for a boy with a happy temperament!

10. Xavier – meaning “bright and shining” and a gorgeous, strong name for a baby boy.

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Rebecca Garson