2018 has been another fantastic and busy year for Slumbersac. We launched new and exclusive products to our ever-growing range for babies and children, we continued to support the lives of those less fortunate through our charity partner B1G1, and we even launched our website in Spain to expand the company even further to Spanish customers. It truly has been an unforgettable year, so here is a break down of what we have accomplished.

New products

We launched lots of exciting new products; our sleeping bags with feet and detachable sleeves being one of them. This has already proven to be a best selling sleeping bag as the removable sleeves mean it can be used in a variety of temperatures – making it a real multi-functional product.

Bath time made safe and simple with our Mama & Baby Apron Bath Towels. These were launched as a must-have for any parent who enjoys bath time with their baby, as this innovative design leaves your hands free to hold and cuddle baby, while keeping you dry at the same time!

Introducing the latest in baby comfort, SlumberWings have been designed to calm babies as they sleep safely and peacefully on their backs - reducing startling and accidental scratching. The SlumberWings sleeping bag promotes freedom of movement with the reassurance of a soothing cuddle to keep your baby calm. This product has been market-tested by our parent community and industry experts, who gave SlumberWings a 5/5 rating.

Also new to 2018 was our Red apple range, available in standard sleeping bags, long sleeve sleeping bags, and sleeping bags with feet! Little girls will love to gorgeous detail on them! 

Delivering one million dreams

At Slumbersac we believe in caring for those around us, especially the young, so for every product we sell, we give back to those less fortunate through our charity partner B1G1. Therefore every time you buy from us you’re automatically making giving a part of what you do too. During the year 2018, Slumbersac created 374,753 giving impacts, with donations given to a different charitable project every month. With your help, here are just a few examples of the impacts we created:

  • We provided 7300 days of access to live-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia.
  • We gave 810 daily doses of vitamin supplements to pregnant mothers in Kenya.
  • We provided 7200 days of access to lighting for safe child delivery in India.
  • We provided 70 new-born babies with much needed clothing
  • We gave 1800 school meals to vulnerable children in Cambodia, plus many, many more!

With your help and support, it has meant we were able to deliver one million dreams through our partnership with B1G1, which gave us the B1G1 Legacy Maker award, so thank you!


We’ve had quite the year, it has been busy but it has been fantastic. Have you had anything big happen in your life in 2018? We’d love to hear your stories on your year of 2018.