Thank you for making a difference and helping us deliver 1 million dreams...

At Slumbersac we believe in caring for those around us especially for the young. That’s why we’ve embedded giving into everything we do. For every product we sell we give back through our charity partner B1G1 and so every time you buy from us you’re automatically making giving a part of what you do too.

Every month Slumbersac is going to donate a percentage of its profits towards charitable projects close to our heart.

Over the next three months we have selected projects in Kenya and Cambodia, following our Director, Karina Grassy and Marketing Manager Elke Kramer’s incredible experiences there, where they witnessed the work of B1G1 first-hand. You can read more about their most recent expedition to Kenya here.


In April, every time you order from us you will provide one day of healthy and nourishing food for a school child in Kenya The provision of free and nourishing meals encourages impoverished parents to enrol their children into local schools, incentivises children to attend school regularly and helps them concentrate better with their studies and during lessons.


With your order you are donating a bicycle to a young girl in Cambodia for a week. In Cambodia, children are often forced to drop out of school because they live too far away, or risk dangers such as violence or kidnapping on their walking route. By providing a girl with a bike, you are making the journey over the difficult road to education faster and safer.


Every time you buy from us in June you are providing a mother in Kenya with clothing for her newborn baby, which she wouldn‘t be able to afford otherwise. Many women who give birth in rural Kenya live in poverty, and therefore cannot afford basic necessities for their newborn babies. This will help her transition into motherhood a little easier, and provide much-needed basics for a new baby too.

Thank you for making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate and for helping Slumbersac be a Business for Good.

Find out more about our partnership with B1G1 at

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